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30.11.2018 17:50 
Micran implemented its new FishGUARD security system
Karelian Trout LLC is one of the first fish farms to be equipped with Micran’s new security solution – FishGUARD system – ready to protect the water zone from unauthorized entry.

The security system provides round-the-clock monitoring of the water area and notifies the personnel if an “uninvited guest” appears.

The system management is automatic and avoids any errors, i.e. excludes the human factor. The protection zone can be divided into different sections of various shapes and levels of danger.

Allowed zone
Warning zone
Danger zone

If the target is in the allowed zone, the operator does not receive alarm messages. When the target enters the warning zone, the system issues a danger signal. If intruders get into the danger zone, an alarm is issued.

The FishGUARD system has already been installed at several enterprises and farms in Karelia. Micran’s specialists also visited the Kala-Ranta Company. The FishGUARD system has been operating here since 2017, reliably protecting the fish farm. The company's engineers conducted a technical inspection and made sure that everything is working properly.


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