Vector Network Analyzers R42 "Panorama" series

Frequency range from 0.3 /10 MHz to 13.5 / 26.5 GHz

Dynamic range 145 dB with 1 Hz IF filter band

Wide range of output power level tuning: −90 dBm to + 12 / + 15 dBm

Low channel noisiness: 0.002 dB SD with 1 kHz IF filter band

Waveguide measurements (TRL calibration)

Line specification using tables or direct chart drawing

Micran presents a new generation of vector network analyzers — R4226/R4213. The analyzers based on modular architecture offer high dynamic range and maximum output power in its class.
Among R4213 / R4226 applications are research, alignment, testing, control and manufacturing of microwave devices used in radioelectronics, communications, radars and T&M equipment. The analyzer can be operated with SCPI commands, what allows the device to be integrated into automated control and measurement systems of various complexity.


Vector Network Analyzers R42 "Panorama" series
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