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28.04.2015 13:04 
Micran represents unique wireless system “arctic design” at Sviaz-Expocomm-2015 International Exhibition of Eastern Europe
Micran highlights the new RR systems at 27th International Exhibition for Telecommunications, Control Systems, IT and Communication Services in Moscow on Mai 12. - Mai 15.

Micran`s digital RR systems «Mic –RL» and WAP systems «WiMIC» can operate in extreme arctic outdoor temperatures – 60 Celsius.
Digital radio relay stations «Mic –RL» and WAP systems «WiMIC» designed and manufactured by Micran provide digital data transmitting even when outdoor temperature falls below 60° Celsius. The stations are being used in polar climate zone now: Oymyakon, Salekhard, Norilsk and others.
“The key for good outdoor equipment functioning is the cold start. The temperature of equipment is equal the outdoor temperature. All the equipment manufactured by Micran is environmentally tested by -50 Celsius, and meeting customer needs Micran has designed special equipment modification for extreme arctic climate. The systems “arctic design” have environmentally hardened housing and allow functioning by -60 Celsius without any thermocase or heater”-said Alexander Maishev, deputy Head of Telecommunications Department.
Sviaz-Expocomm-2015 is international exhibition for Telecommunications, Control Systems, IT and Communication Services.
Sviaz-Expocomm is a unique marketing platform of Eastern Europe, Russia and other countries covering the full spectrum of telecommunication industry.
The exhibition space in 2014 covered 25000 sq.m. counting 493 companies from 25 countries.

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