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24.10.2014 14:39 
Micran became a member of TOP-30 of the best innovation companies of the Russian Federation
The results of the Third National rating of Russian high-technology and rapidly developing companies were published under the “Open Innovations” Moscow international forum, October 15, 2014.

“TechUp” rating was organized by the venture company (RBK) in partnership with Association of innovative regions of Russia (AIRR), PwC and SME Bank. This rating defines the leaders among the high-technology and rapidly developing Russian companies which are capable to play a key role in modernization and development of Russian technological sectors. The analysis of these companies allows to formulate the development indicator of this segment, to improve the efficiency of government support of the critical tasks solving (market demands, entrance to the global markets), to assess the possibilities of the effective capital investment in the nearest future.

Micran took a second place of TOP-30 nomination based on technological level of output products, scientific research expenses and technological innovations.

Tatiana N. Popova, Deputy General director of development and marketing, tells about the possibilities for the company after this rating participation.

  -  Micran reached stratospheric level. During the last three years the revenue growth rate was working out about 46% and company created and demonstrated more than ten new products with technical parameters conforming to the international standards. Many of these products do not have any domestic equivalents. Upon that, the share of proceeds of the new or improved products in the revenue of the company is 88%. And I would like to accent that Micran, as a rating leader, meets the additional opportunities for the products promotion and marketing development, investment attractiveness increasing, popularization in Russsia and abroad.

According to the opinions of the executives of the companies of “TechUp” rating, the main success factor is authorities connecting with the new technological decisions and qualified development engineers and designers. By the way, a lot of companies achieved the great results without any government support. 

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