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10.06.2014 09:20 
News about “Reka” radar. Forum results “Marine Industry of Russia”
At the Forum “Marine Industry of Russia” dated 20-22 of May 2014 Research and Production Company “Micran” represented the new version of “Reka” radar- well known and beloved by shipmasters. First radar was exhibited on the booth of Micran`s dealer - “Radionavigation company” (“RNC”).

There were some changes done in radar construction both internal and external: the coupler was redesigned, display became thinner (displaying control unit), MW frequency increased and motor reducer lost 30% height.

So radar has become not only compact but also lost its weight:  the upper equipment part was 28 kg before but after redesign procedure -21 kg, the lower part lost its weight from 22.5 kg to 15 kg! Now it is easier to mount the radar on the ship.

Radiolocation processing algorithm was improved; operating system was changed from Windows to Linux so that means improvement of processing speed for end-user. Also there is a new GPS-tracking; using it the shipmasters can record the vessel’s tracks, set markers.

Micran’s radar designers visited the exhibition and talked to “Radionavigation company” service team. Micran’s engineers keep working to improve the radar, add new options. They pay much attention to user’s and dealer’s feedbacks. That connection between designers and users helps to work out handy usable device, which guarantee the safety to the ship and economy to the ship owner.
The new version of “Reka” radar will be available in mid-2014.

The certification dated the February, 2014 allows using radar on any type of river vessel.
“Reka” was made especially for river vessels. This solid (without magnetron) state applies cutting edge technologies in civil market of radiolocation. “Reka” has high range resolution up to 3m without any blind zone, that’s why the shipmasters feel safe and secure at any time and in any weather conditions.

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