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27.05.2014 17:23 
The results of Russia's largest telecommunications exhibition «CSTB»
"Expocomm" - the main exhibition event for Russia in the field of telecommunications.
In 2000, "Micran" first showed its communication equipment at the exhibition "CSTB ". In 2014, the anniversary has passed - the fifteenth part in telecommunications exhibition .

May 13-16 in Moscow "Micran" presented communication equipment from the upgraded relay equipment and mobile systems to communications equipment for the UAV. The headliner of the exhibition - Equipment subsidiary Youncta.

"Micran" introduced a line of processing equipment is a digital radio-relay stations ( MIC- RL400R, MIC- RL400MR, MIC- RL4 ... 15RM, MIC- RL4 ... 15P +, MIC- RL5VRM ) and broadband wireless access equipment (WiMIC- 6000, WiMIC- 2300/2500) .

Presented at the stand scale models of mobile complexes demonstrated possibilities of operational deployments microwave and broadband wireless access, operational organization of technical supervision, control and security of important objects or areas of mass events.

"Youncta" presented Y-Packet - this packet relay stations providing wireless communication at high speeds in a city or as a last-mile high-capacity (up to 840 Mbit/s). The feature of the product is high bandwidth. The Russian new items premiered in "Expocomm". The world presentation was held in February in Barcelona at the exhibition Mobile World Congress.

The main trend in the telecommunications industry, which confirmed the "Expocomm" fit in one word: increase anything and everything. Increased consumption of digital content, so the equipment requires more speed transmission, need more coverage. Every day there are new services and applications to make life easier for people. Everyone wants to have access to the internet at good speed anywhere in the world. In the era of smartphones communication providers must address the problem of overcoming the digital divide in the country, continuously improve the quality and accessibility of services .

"Micran" sees the needs of the market and developing new products that can effectively address these challenges and be competitive on price.

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