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08.10.2013 15:17 
Micran took part at "Neva" exhibition
Solid-state radar "Reka" was presented at the international exhibition "Neva"

"Neva" is the largest exhibition in Russia and the CIS dedicated for equipment for maritime and inland navigation. "Neva" took place from 24 to 27 September. It is held every two years in St. Petersburg , and attracts the best producers not only from Russia but also from all over the world. Micran is taking part in such a prestigious event for the first time.

Micran presented the "Reka" radar with high range resolution. “Reka” Digital Radar is the first solid-tate based radar in Russia. For several years the Radar is successfully used on ships of Tomsk Shipping Company. "Reka" allowed Siberian captains to work with greater efficiency in the most demanding conditions of navigation. 
Dmitriy Nosov
Dmitry Nosov, the head of the system group of the Department of microwave electronics told what has been improved in radar in the last three years:
— We increased the reliability of radar, its range, and streamlined the assembly. Due to some new design decisions, the installation procedure on the ship is simplified a great deal. We have significantly redesigned software interface of  "Reka". Added support for additional external devices: sonar, AIS, GPS, compass, the opportunity to save tracks. Added noise suppression algorithms to get rid of interference from the rain, from the waves, the impulse radars. Added the computing enhancements to improve the display of radar image. We completely redesigned user interface, display of the menu and settings. It is now appealing looking, more informative and functional.

Today the experts of Micran are working on three new radar sensors for perimeter security solutions: all-round view radar at 35 GHz, the sector scan at 24 GHz, and all-view W-band range radar.
To learn more about the solid-state radar for river vessels "Reka" write on or give us a call right now: 8 (3822) 90-00-34.

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