Multiport VNA test set К2М-102

Operating Frequency Range: 100 MHz...20 GHz

Measurements per Connection

All S-Parameter Measurement (256 states)

SOLT Calibration

Measurement Profile Save

Full and Cross Measurement Result Analysis


Анализатор цепей скалярный, 0,01…4 ГГц с опцией «01P»

К2М-102 S-parameter measurement system is suited for S-parameter measurements of RF and microwave devices. Two-port vector network analyzer R4М-18 with port extension unit and electronic calibrator support allow to measure parameters with up to 32 ports.
All measurements can be made in automatic or manual mode by a defined algorithm. Automatic result analysis is processed in a separate application, thus facilitating system usage on assembly line.


K2M-102 complex for measurement of S-parameters