Frequency range: 300–700 MHz

QPSK to 64QAM for longer hops and/or increased capacity

Different channel bandwidth: 1.75–12 MHz

Fast Ethernet for farLink TDD and Fast Ethernet plus E1 for farLink FDD Interfaces available

Light weight antennas

Different Radio protection features


Анализатор цепей скалярный, 0,01…4 ГГц с опцией «01P»

The radio relay system farLink provides communication at long or semi-closed paths for remote, hard-to-reach areas with undeveloped infrastructure at shortest time with minimal expenses

Log-period antenna arrays create minimal wind load on bearing pads. Their wide radiation pattern reduces the requirements for pad rigidity and the laboriousness of installation and alignment.

Transceivers are installed in vicinity of an antenna, eliminating the transmission loss of the RF signal. Optical cable provides unprecedented lightning protection for internal equipment and eliminates EMC problems with feeders of other radio systems.

The function of partial traffic reservation (PDT) allows to transmit priority traffic in 1 + 1 mode, while the rest of the traffic is broadcasted in 2 + 0 mode. This ensures reliable data transmission while increasing the system bandwidth.