Scalar network analyzers R2M series

Detector heads D42 series

VSWR Detectors DK1 and DK4 series

Pulse modulators MI1 series

Frequency synthesizers G7M series

Vector Signal Generator G7M-06 Vega

Vector Network Analyzer R4M

Electronic calibration modules R4M-EK4

Vector Network Analyzers R42 "Panorama" series

Noise figure meters H5M series

Spectrum Analyzers SK4M series

Noise generators GShM series

Power meters M3M series

PLG signal generators

PLS power meters

Complex system for TRM measurements К2М-101 A

Multiport VNA test set К2М-102

Supply adapters AP series

Microwave amplifiers MShU series

Pulse modulator IM-20

In series 7,0/3,04 mm

Between series 7,0/3,04 mm and 3,5/1,52 mm

Between series 7,0/3,04 mm and 2,4/1,042 mm

Between series 3,5/1,52 mm and 2,4/1,042 mm

In series 2,92/1,27 mm

Between series 2,92/1,27 mm and 2,4/1,042 mm

In series 2,4/1,042 mm

Coaxial-to-waveguide adapters

Waveguide-Waveguide adapters

PKM2, PKM2-20 and PKM2-40 series

PKM1-32 and PKM1-50 series

PKM2-18 series

PKM2-26-16-0.38/1.27 series

Matched loads

Open circuit loads and short circuit loads

Coaxial attenuators

Coaxial phase shifter


Coaxial impendance transformer

Power dividers


Directional couplers

Cable Connectors

Cable Assemblies

Phase stable cable assemblies

Set of coaxial adapters

Scalar network analyzers calibration kits

Coaxial calibration kits for VNA

Waveguide calibration kits for VNA

Torque Wrenches

Support Wrenches