The December 2016 edition of The Radio Society of Great Britain Journal «Radcom» contains a review of Micran’s zero bias detectors diode GaAs ZB-28.

The zero bias diode ZB-28 is suitable for mixer and zero bias detector applications in a wide frequency and dynamic range. It has a low junction capacitance and operates in W-band.

Matthew Twyman is the director of the British company «R.F. Dynamics». The company R. F. Dynamics Limited was incorporated in United Kingdom 25 year ago on Friday 20 September 1991 having its registered office located in Bristol.

«I came across Micran whilst on eBay looking at microwave test equipment. A small pop up advert appeared. The diodes are intended for power meter. Also as mixers at 47GHz», said Matthew Twyman.

For the journal «Radcom» Matthew also said: «I have just received some samples from a Russian company, Micran. They manufacture a zero bias beam lead diode with quoted tangential sensitivity of −60dB. The device code is ZB-28 and I hope to investigate further. I’ve found Micran very amenable and helpful.»

In very deed, Micran is targeted to accommodate all requirements of its partners and is ready to offer a future-proof product of top-class quality.