The best solution is to use FARLINK.

farLink is a new generation of UHF/VHF point-to-point wireless communication system. This equipment provides data transmission with a capacity of 30 Mbps and lowest CAPEX & OPEX.

  • Frequency range: 300-700 MHz
  • QPSK to 64QAM for longer hops and/or increased capacity
  • Different channel bandwidth: 1.75-12 MHz
  • Fast Ethernet for farLink TDD and Fast Ethernet plus E1 for farLink FDD Interfaces available


Figure 2. Sambirampak

Figure 3. Selobanteng

farLink becomes a very good option to improve the services portfolio for:

  • Backhaul 3G for remote Node B;
  •  Carrier class corporate customers;
  • Public services for Government remote zones;
  • NLOS links with high capacity;
  • And more.

..... avoid high Capex:

  • Using repeaters with microwave regular solution;
  • Using low capacity with UHF low frequencies;
  • Using low capacity with expensive satellite services;
  • And more.

..... avoid high Opex:

  • Using many units to control;
  • Using complex low frequencies to deploy, operate and maintain spare;
  • Using services when you don’t have the full control.

Used equipment