Comparing several options, MTS decided to choose Micran’s farLink.

  • Frequency range: 300–700 MHz
  • QPSK to 64QAM for longer hops and/or increased capacity
  • Different channel bandwidth: 1.75–12 MHz
  • Fast Ethernet for FarLink TDD and Fast Ethernet plus E1 for farLink FDD Interfaces available

The farLink is a new generation of UHF/VHF point-to-point wireless communication system. It provides TDM and Ethernet data transmitting over incredible long-range distances, supporting up to 29 Mbps of aggregate data traffic. farLink operates over long hops even in nLOS conditions. Compared with dish antennas, farLink’s antennas are light weight and have almost no wind load.


The installed radio operates on semi-closed intervals 75.5 km. The equipment works from 2007 to present. It is of importance to note that the temperatures in winter reaches up to −50 ° C.

Antennas are low-weight, so they could been mounted on the AMS

The frequency range allows to use the equipment over long hops even in nLOS conditions

Used equipment