The MD903, an absorbed power detector MMIC that covers wide frequency and dynamic ranges of input RF signal. This MMIC is based on GaAs low-barrier diode process and requires no DC bias for operation.

The key value of this product is its high usability. In comparison to micro assemblies, using of the MD903 allows improving performance of the equipment, simplifying the process of assembling and setup, and as a result increasing product quality.

Key advantages are

  • Wide bandwidth 0.01...40.0 GHz
  • Input RF Signal Dynamic Range —50...+14 dBm
  • Extended Square-Law Detection —50...—10 dBm
  • Voltage Output: positive, negative or differential
  • No DC bias required
  • 100% On-Wafer Tested

In 2017 Micran delivered power detectors MD903 for TASI, having initiated an international partnership between two companies. Being a customer-oriented company, Micran aims to continue developing sustainable business relationships with TASI.

As Micran has been selected as a supplier of electronic components for TASI and other contractors of European Space Agency (ESA), Micran’s power detectors will replace foreign analogues in ESA’s weather satellites due to their better figures of merits, price and higher reliability.

Since that Micran’s brand awareness has been considerably increased in the aerospace manufacturing industry. More and more companies from the European Union, USA and South Korea are interested in partnership with Micran, some negotiations on Micran’s power detectors are currently in process.


The MD903 is an ideal ultrawideband MMIC solution which can

diminish your costs

provide with high reliability and highly efficient figures of merits

guarantee superior quality

replace the whole circuit board with several discrete elements

Used equipment