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06.04.2015 16:11 
Micran is honored to have earned the prestigious Green Chip award from ROSNANO
Moscow, March 25, 2015 ROSNANO in collaboration with exhibition committee “New electronics-2015” has launched a Competition for Green Chip Award.

Micran has represented Manufacturing Technology of gallium nitride power transistor with copper metallization to create innovative leading-edge energy efficient solutions.
Evgeny Erofeev, the Head of Power MIC Laboratory in Microelectronic Dept., Micran, said: “The advantage of our technology is a special method of metallization process, which allows reducing the energy loss by switching. The silicon devices could be replaced by technology based on cutting edge wide-bandgap semiconductors. Now we are designing highly reliable version of gallium nitride power transistors with improved speed switching capabilities. Also we are working on prototype of higher efficient secondary power supply” .
The designers of Microelectronic department have been working on this method almost for 2 years and as a result new GaN devices are more radiation resistant and can operate by higher temperatures and higher frequency range by smaller manufacturing costs.
This technology is used by designing new edge on-board elements for APAR transceivers, batch manufacturing of telecommunication equipment, control systems in spacecraft.
GaN devices bring smaller, lighter and more efficient power electronics to numerous applications including consumer appliances, battery-operated power tools, notebook adaptors and many others.
“All these devices are very important for our comfortable living, the necessities of our day life, that`s why the green electronics has outstanding meaning: the green electronic can consume only smaller part of the energy and therefore can help to reduce energy loss today”, Professor Paul Heremans, Jury member, Technology Director of flexible electronics R&D at the HOLST Center, said.
In order to participate all the competitors had to represent energy efficient solutions in microelectronics. This was a wonderful opportunity for engineers to display their skills and talents. The main requirements were: originality, innovation, science and technology novelty, meet business and production demands, creation of new projects based on introduced technology.
The finalists of Green Chip Award are Smart electronics and RUSALOX Companies. The winner will sign an investment agreement up to RUR 5Mil.
The Green Chip Award is given to recipient for the best energy efficient solution in microelectronics. This Award is being coordinated by the New Electronics exhibition committee and ROSNANO under the competition Golden Chip. This initiative is being supported by the Radio electronic Industry Department, the Ministry of Industry and trade, Russian Federation.

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