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20.08.2014 11:26 
Micran presents its latest products at the Innovative exhibition. Event will be held in Tomsk on the 5th of September 2014 within Plenary Meeting of the Asian Network of Major Cities
Exhibitors meet up here with foreign investors, consultants, business partners, service providers from the financial world to expand cooperation with Asian counties. This forum will present new dealing conveniences and opens possible scopes for network infrastructure nationwide to enhance the regional market.

On the territory of the special economic zone "Tomsk" deployed their exposure 10 innovative companies, including Micran as the best innovative company in Tomsk region

On the exhibition stand Micran showcases its latest innovative product:
  • «Reka» - Extremely high range resolution digital radar for navigation and security applications;
  • Y-Packet6...38 - Y-packet is the high capacity packet fulloutdoor platform, realized to meet the requirements of WISP, ISP and Corporate markets alike, compact and economy solution for wireless high-speed Ethernet traffic with the range from 6 to 38 GHz, speed up to 840 Megabit/sec with the wide service;
  • farLink – new generation of radio relay station, functioning in the decimeter wavelength range with wide range of features that work in non-line-of-sight. This is the best way to transmit your data over 100 km distance.
The Exhibition is going to be held on the 5th of September 2014 from 2 till 3 pm, 6th floor of Engineering center special economic zone "Tomsk".

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