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20.11.2013 12:39 
Russia announced Gazelle Companies
Micran is in the Top 30 Best Innovation Companies.

The national ranking of fast-growing companies TechUp was published. For the first time Micran took part in the competition and immediately got into the Top 30 fast-growing high-tech companies.
Rating was prepared by Russian Venture Company, Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR) and Vnesheconombank. In early November organizers announce the winners. Sampling methodology was created by the world largest audit and consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The rating includes enterprises that show stable above-average growth rate among the industry during the last three years. Organizers were interested not only in the dynamic of economic indicators but also in investments in R&D and earnings on new products.

Against the backdrop of a recession in the traditional sectors of the economy, ranking members achieve the revenue growth by an average of 75 % per year by doing business on innovation. Sine qua non for the companies to be part of the ranking was the launch of new high-tech products based on their own scientific and technological developments. On average new products share in the company’s revenue was set at 53 %, while investments on R&D and technical innovations were 7% and 15 % from the revenue respectively.
The main expert of the competition was executive director of the AIRR Ivan Bortnik

— Companies in our list, — said Ivan, — are the rising stars not only in Russian but in international business. These companies deserve an attention. They have done what in Russia is not all succeed: the transformation of new knowledge into money. The growth of revenues from cutting edge technology products is the main indicator of innovation in the single regions, and in a country as a whole.

Micran was offered to participate in the rating by the Bortnik Fund, which Micran has collaborated with since 2003. The Fund has helped a lot in Micran growing from a small company to one of the leaders in microwave electronics in Russia.

Valery Kagadei
Valery Kagadei, Senior Deputy Director General of Micran, commented on the company hitting in the rating.

— It’s important for our employees: they realize that they work for one of the best companies in Russia. It generates a sense of pride and unites company's staff. The management gets a new motivational incentive to work more efficiently, to repeat or improve the result in the next year. Hitting in the rating indicates that our company is on the right path, but we still have to work hard to take the unconditional leadership in Russia. For organizers, I think, the main purpose was to show the world that Russia has a high-tech companies which are competitive on the world market, and demonstrate on examples, that if you really work hard, if you do like your work, you can be successful.

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